Clorophilla is a truly innovative mtb freeride film, which does not only show something, but also communicates a message. It is a film which highlights values like freedom, fun, friendship, and unity, rather than the riders' technical skills, all in a magnificent scenery where Mother Nature has the leading role.A cinematic feeling has been produced with the introduction of an unusually unique soundtrack, producing a perfect symbiosis between the original filming sounds and the music. While acting as editors, riders, cameramen, sherpa porters, and so on, six Italian friends have conceived, planned, and created a real-life film which remains closer to the everyday rider and his lifestyle.

Fundamentals  Mountain Bike Technique Video

The new mountainbike how-to video from the creators of the unparalleled Earthed video and world-renowned Dirt Magazine. Filmed all around the world, Fundamentals features inside-info and unveils the secrets behind how the pros ride so fast on some of the best tracks on the mountain bike scene. The video covers cornering, jumping, downhill sections, pedaling, manualing, riding technical sections, slow sections and fast sections. Includes basic advice and expert advice with tips from the fastest riders on the planet including Steve Peat, GMSRP Minnaar, Eric Carter, Brian Schmidt, Will Longden, Martin Murray, Dale Holmes, Fabien Barel, Gee and Dan Atherton, and more. Fundamentals will also show you how to set up your bike to get the best from it, from suspension tune up to tire choice, to brakes, correct sizing, and more, for racing or just riding trails, all with guidance from the finest mountain bike mechanics out there on the World Cup race scene. Backed up with a killer soundtrack and footage from international races and the trails, this video will appeal to all mountain bike riders from beginner to expert, and you will learn how to set up your bike perfectly and then ride better.

Kranked 8  DVD (Revolve)

Kranked 8 DVD is a high  definition tribute to the coolest  human-powered adrenaline tool ever invented  and a look at the riders  who push these mountain bikes to their limits.                 Kranked 8 DVD was shot on  location in France,  Switzerland, Germany, South Africa, Italy, Canada and the  USA.Featuring   Jamie Goldman, Lance McDermott, Sam Pilgrim, Steve Romaniuk, James  Doerfling,  Rene Wildhaber, Garett Buehler, Mike Kinrade, Bobby  McMullen, Sam Hill, Brendan  Fairclough, and the coastal crew.



Roam CD The   Collective, after two years of  filming with theWorld’s best riders   in the most amazing locations is  releasing their  next film, ROAM. The   Collective still ranks as one of  the top  adventure sports   films of all time. ROAM will be an  evolution of  those skills honed   over the past two seasons. ROAM will  help create  the next standard in   mountain bike and adventure sports  films.
                 Starring: Andrew Shandro, Wade  Simmons, Thomas Vanderham, Cam McCaul, Tyler Klassen, Ryan Leech, Jordie  Lunn, Tyler Morland, Steve Peat, Nathan Rennie, Steve Romaniux

Seasons CD - A Mountain Bike Film by the Collective:   Seasons is a film that follows 7 of the world's best mountain bikers  through the course of 4 seasons of one year. Seasons explores what it  means to be a full time mountain bike athlete as told through the lives  of downhill racers, slopestyle competitors, and big mountain freeriders.   


The Tipping Point DVD from the creator of Between Tape and F1RST comes The Tipping Point, the new montain bike film from acclaimed filmmaker Clay Porter.
                 Welcome back to the world of downhill mountain bike  racing. A world covered in sweat, perseverance and desire. A world  filled with dreamers. A world that was dominated in 2007 by one cunning  talent: Australia’s Sam Hill. Many in the know thought that Hill had  both the speed and mental strength to come into the 2008 World Cup  Series fast and leave it devastated and undefeated. Standing in his way  was a cast of athletes from around the world that were hungry, poised  and ready to take the Australian down. Featuring every round of the 2008  UCI World Cup Series as well as the World Championships and shot  anywhere between The United States, Australia, Finland and Canada, The  Tipping Point is the sport of downhill mountain bike racing documented.  The Tipping Point is a group of characters that inspire, grow and  dominate in a world they confidently claim as unique. The Tipping Point  is downhill mountain bike racing.


                 Want to have more fun on your Mountain Bike? Class is  now in session. Ride with Aaron Chase and Jeff Lenosky as they  introduce you to the school of technical and urban freeride.  Tricktionary volume #1 will help you kick the learning curve to the curb  and will teach you how to ride the way you have always wanted to.
                 Bike Setup,                    safety,                 Wheelies,                 Manuals,                 Bunnyhops,                 180s & 360s,                 abubacas,                 Bar spins,                 Riding backward,                 Half cabs,                 Grinds,                 Crank Flips

        So many tricks you might want to pull an all nighter.